Friday, June 29, 2007

Spike Lee on Broadway with War Movie Classic

Spike Lee is the last person you'd think would be directing a 1950s-era war movie, no?
The Brooklyn-bred, 40 Acres and A Mule CEO will be doing just that: directing a Broadway play based on the William Holden-starring film Stalag 17. Lee promises that his rendition will reflect a more contemporary style. We take this to mean a multi-cultural cast, more urban-driven cast.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Danny Glover Films Greenlighted by Hugo Chavez

Hollywood wouldn't do it, so Venuzuelan president Hugo Chavez will. For years, black filmmakers in Hollywood have tried to bring to the big screen the story of slave revolutionary Toussaint L'ouveture, but could not because of lukewarm interest from Hollywood. Black dramas are viewed as box office poison by Tinseltown, let alone a black historical epic. But recently the Venezuelan Congress approved the financing of two films that are to be directed by the award-winning actor Danny Glover. The other film is to focus on South American liberator Simon Bolivar. Turns out that there is quite a link between the two historical figures. Haiti's Toussaint, according to the book Written in Blood by John Heinl, practically financed the South American Liberator's liberation campaign.

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